About Us
Recycling isn’t just our business – it’s our passion!

Adelaide & Rural Salvage was established in 1994 by the original owners Kevin, Ros and Susan Tucker.

Kevin saw a niche market for quality recycled building materials that would be both economically viable and environmentally sustainable for farmers, builders and home renovators.

In 2003, Paul Tucker took over the business. Paul has been involved in the industry for many years and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. The company has grown over the years to also include new materials however the focus of the business is still on recycling.

Our business is unique 

We are dedicated to the ongoing benefits of recycling & providing customers with cost effective environmentally friendly solutions. 

Adelaide & Rural Salvage has provided materials for some of Adelaide’s memorable building projects.

Our off site work team carefully removes product from building sites that are set for demolition. Their skill ensures customers receive great products but also reduces landfill. Our sales staff are dedicated to high quality service and advice, along with an unparalleled range of neatly presented and top quality recycled building materials.

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